Product Safety Recall

Notice for Recall of MerCruiser 5.0L, 350 Mag and 6.2L Engines


Recall commences: April 2013

Marine Power International P/L

A.B.N. 25 003 100 007

Product Make: MerCruiser 5.0L, 350 Mag and 6.2L Non-EC DTS Sterndrive Engines


Models Affected:

Serial Number Range

5.0L, 350 Mag and 6.2L Non-EC DTS Sterndrive Models

2A014073 - 2A050912


Marine Power International Pty Ltd has become aware that some MerCruiser 5.0L, 350 Mag and    6.2L Non-EC DTS may have the wire harness incorrectly routed.

The main engine wire harness may be routed incorrectly allowing it to be too close to the DTS shift actuator. Repeated movement of the DTS shift actuator arm may cause the engine wire harness shielding to wear through, exposing the wires and causing a direct short circuit to ground, which could create an ignition source prior to the fuses interrupting the circuit.

People with an affected engine (as per the above table) should contact their nearest Mercury MerCruiser Dealer who will arrange for the engine to be inspected and rectified if required at the expense of Marine Power International Pty Ltd.


The boat should not be operated until the repair has been completed.


For your nearest dealer location please refer to our Dealer Locator on our website

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