Digital Gauges

SmartCraft Digital Gauges

Mercury's digital gauges are referred to as SmartCraft. SmartCraft is a suite of digital technology such as gauges, sensors, vessel systems, and computer-controlled features and technologies that when incorporated into your vessel, makes boating easier for you.

In our product line, all sterndrive, Verado, and OptiMax engines - along with all FourStroke engines 40hp and above - are SmartCraft compatible, which means they can use either digital or analog gauges. Engines that are not SmartCraft-compatible (30hp and below) can only use analog gauges.

SmartCraft gauges include an LCD display that allows a variety of features to be displayed either all at once or one at a time, depending on the model. This gives you access to all your engine's systems with the touch of a button.



MercMonitor Eco Gauge