OptiMax Pro XS

The PRO XS - the strongest family of direct injected engines in the industry.
OptiMax Pro XS blows away the competition when it comes to power, durability, performance and fuel efficiency. The  250 Pro XS creates a class of its own with remarkable acceleration and awesome performance.

250 HP ProXS
225 HP ProXS
200 HP ProXS
175 HP ProXS
150HP ProXS
115 HP ProXS

Professionals Insist on Optimax Pro XS

The OptiMax ProXS doesn't have to make performance claims, it sets the standards by which all others follow.  At wide open throttle in side by side tests with a 225hp, the result were plain and simple - the others just couldn't keep up with our top speed.

  • Only OptiMax Pro XS features Carbon Fiber Reeds to control airflow into the engine crankcase. Carbon fiber reeds produce improved performance and efficiency because they are more durable and responsive than stainless steel or other fiber materials
  • The Pro XS offers a Higher Wide-Open-Throttle RPM Operating Range, giving you more propeller options to maximize the performance of your boat.
  • Controlled handling at all speeds is essential, so we outfitted the 250 Pro XS with Solid Billet Aluminium Mounts to keep the engine from turning or twisting under high torque (20-inch models only).
  • Exclusive Dome-Shaped Pistons efficiently direct the fuel/air charge to the spark plug, producing excellent running quality, fuel economy and low emissions.